About us

GLIRST stands for the little luxuries in the palm of your hand.

We believe that a little glamour goes a long way, and in a modern world where technology is as familiar to us as our own skin, the inspiration to add a little fashion to the mix was an obvious one. The image you choose to present to the world should be your own, and whether it’s your best look for an exclusive event, your best self for a night out with friends, or your best angle for an impromptu selfie, we want it to look and feel like you-- at your best!

Why not dress up the ordinary with styles as extraordinary as you are?

As the bag should complement the ensemble, let your device accessories complement your outfit, clutch, jewelry, or even those fierce fingernails! GLIRST stands for the little luxuries that make every day effortless and unforgettable. You bring the style, we’ll bring affordable quality you can embrace, indulge, and repeat. Life may not be perfect, but your phone accessories just might be, and with a touch of class, GLIRST will bring the sparkle wherever you take us.

We’re scene-stealers, eye-catchers, head-turners, and just like you...

We’re always dressed to impress.



We craft exclusive accessories to dress up your everyday sidekicks! With designs that keep a steady finger on the fashion pulse, we ensure your phones and Airpods look as unforgettably gorgeous as you feel. Committed to only the most carefully sourced, high-end materials, and proud to be 100% Vegan and cruelty free, we keep our standards high because we know you’re worth it.

We like your style, and together we make chic look effortless.


GLIRST stands for the individual. We celebrate a flair for the fabulous, empower bold self-expression, and have earned the strength to back it up too. We wanted to create products you can depend on to protect and safeguard your most valuable devices, but to do so in style. That’s why we never cut corners, and always seek to source the highest quality materials that complement our inspired and customizable designs. We represent excellent taste at exceptional value because while we take pride in our appearance, we were founded on substance.


We made GLIRST just for you! We love to watch you do what you do, which is why we’re here to help you shine for every step of that strut and every click of your camera lens. All of our products are designed to feel personal, intimate, and authentically your own. Expressing yourself never looked so irrisistible.


They say good looks are fleeting, but GLIRST beauty is always built to last. We take pride in using only the most carefully-sourced, high-quality materials to represent and protect your most important, everyday devices. We also stand by our values by bringing you unwavering quality at a price you can embrace.


Inspired by the runway, and the tops of every trend, we take style seriously. Our designs are always meticulously crafted to make a statement with cool, clean lines, bold pops of color, and enticing patterns that draw the eyes to exactly where they should be fixed: on you. Level-up your look without apology, and let GLIRST be your spotlight.




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